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In November, 2012, American Industrial Partners (AIP) acquired five U.S. operating aerospace subsidiaries: Coast Composites, Global Tooling Systems, Odyssey Industries, and Texstars from Hampson Industries plc. and formed AIP Aerospace, LLC. (AIP Aerospace).

In September 23, 2014 – AIPA announced the formation of a new company, Ascent Aerospace. Combining Assembly Line integration and Factory Automation with AIPA’s heritage Tooling businesses, Ascent Aerospace furnishes turn-key solutions from one vertically integrated organization.

Ascent Aerospace consists of the following groups: Ascent Tooling, Ascent Integration & Automation, and an Engineering Services organization, Ascent Engineering.

Organizing Ascent Aerospace as Ascent Tooling and Ascent Integration & Automation allows each to focus on specific technologies and capabilities required for their business, enabling coordination and synergistic support between the two. Both Groups share common customers, allowing Ascent Aerospace to leverage its marketing and sales reach, offer products and services at multiple levels, and provide a one-stop product offering.

The Ascent Tooling Group will consist of 3 legacy and well-known tooling companies: Coast Composites, Odyssey Industries, and Global Tooling Systems. These recognized industry leaders represent one of the largest tooling businesses in aerospace.

The Ascent Integration & Automation Group encompasses Ascent Integration, Brown Aerospace, and Flow Aerospace. The formation of this group allows Ascent Integration & Automation, to focus on customers’ requirements and technology developments, consolidating their design, controls and automation expertise. Ascent Integration will leverage Ascent Tooling Group’s fabrication and assembly jig capabilities positioning.

Texstars is an industry leader manufacturer of transparencies, plastics, and secondary structures fabricated from carbon composites and epoxy to serve commercial and defense aerospace customers globally; a lean, quality based fabricator of products that utilize advanced composite materials and engineering grade thermoplastic materials supporting the aerospace, and military vehicles. We produce high optical aircraft transparencies, a variety of plastic and composite components and assemblies, and transparent armor.

Additionally, AIP Aerospace is an independent company endorsed by the strong financial support and resources of AIP, well positioned moving forward. AIP ownership is committed to create controlled, harmonized strategic growth to offer operational and commercial excellence to our customers.

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