Introducing Small Tool Focused Factories
With a 4-Week Lead Time

> Tolerances of +/- .005” on surface contour and hole position
> Dedicated staff of experienced tool makers
> Invar, steel or aluminum

metal tool, mandrel, machining

A “small” tool – a mandrel – undergoing machining in Ascent’s dedicated, small tool focused factory in California.

Competitive pricing

The small tool focused factory is a dedicated value stream that utilizes the single-piece flow concept, instead of utilizing the various process-based departments. Tools going through the focused factory are produced more efficiently, with lower overhead. Savings are passed along to the customer and short lead times are assured.

Premium Expertise

Engineering, project management and design resources are shared, while an experienced team of dedicated professionals staff the small tool focused factory, ensuring the exceptional quality and craftsmanship for which Coast Composites is recognized. Because smaller doesn’t mean lesser.

Tooling types and restrictions

> Dimensions up to 144” x 40” x 30” (365cm x 101cm x 76cm)
> Layup tooling, drill jigs, mill fixtures
> Weldment or machined billet
> Invar, steel or aluminum
> Rework of damaged or bent tools
> 4 week lead time begins when a digitally rendered model is approved; does not include shipping

Small Tool Focused Factory

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