• Stress Analysis Services

    By utilizing the latest FEA technologies and software platforms our engineers ensure that exchange of data is seamless

  • Tool Design Services

    Optimzed DFM appooach
    while not jeopardizing form, fit, and function

  • Concurrent Design &
    Analysis Processes

    Professional enginnering services that save time and adhere to codes while exceeding customer expectations


Ascent Engineering

The Ascent Engineering unit of AIP Aerospace with offices in Bothell, Washington and Charleston, South Carolina, specializes in the design and engineering of tooling and automated equipment used to manufacture the most technologically advanced aircraft of today. Utilizing the most sophisticated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and analysis tools, our experienced designers and engineers develop cost effective solutions grounded in proven engineering and tooling principles.

Ascent Engineering also specializes in the design and engineering of primary and secondary composite structures. Our team has a long history of working side-by-side with customers to understand each specific situation to develop cost effective solutions that provide for the efficient manufacture of aircraft in today’s competitive environment.


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