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Coordinated Engineering Services

Ascent Engineering works in tandem with Ascent Integration & Automation to provide advanced solutions to unique challenges.


Flow Aerospace

Flow Aerospace developed and patented the Composite Machining Center (CMC) which combined the use of waterjet and mechanical machining with Flow’s “Flexible Header System” (FHS).


Brown Aerospace

We are experts at producing high precision integrated systems, motion platforms, and end effectors used for drilling, countersinking, fastening, and sealant applications.


Ascent Integration

Turn-key solutions for increase production rates, higher productivity and reductions in production costs.

Ascent Integration & Automation Group

Ascent Integration designs “turn-key” integrated assembly lines for high rate production, accuracy, enhanced flexibility, and lower costs. Our new light flexible assembly line design is revolutionizing the aerospace industry. We have combined our proven aerospace assembly tooling experience with our advanced micro-machines. The result is significant reduction in recurring costs and a proven reduction in non-recurring costs.

We’ve put together completely integrated automation assembly line packages, delivered by some of the best engineers and tooling professionals in the business. So you can build the best products in the industry, with unmatched efficiency and quality.


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