• Global Tooling Systems
  • Coast Composites
  • Odyssey Industries

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Coordinated Engineering Services

Ascent Engineering works in tandem with our Tooling Group to provide advanced solutions to unique challenges.


Odyssey Industries

Odyssey has differentiated itself as an innovator in today’s competitive market through its ability to manufacture tooling for many of the industry’s most crucial applications.


Coast Composites

Coast is considered a world class manufacturer of metallic and composite tooling systems.


Global Tooling Systems

GTS is a full service company providing design, engineering, and tooling services to aerospace, military vehicles and space industries.

The Ascent Tooling Group Difference

Ascent Tooling Group employs over 800 industry professionals spanning across six companies and encompassing greater than 665,000 ft² (61,778 m²) of manufacturing facilities in the United States. Our Ascent Tooling Group is comprised of Coast Composites, Global Tooling Systems, and Odyssey Industries.

As a result of Ascent Tooling Group’s comprehensive knowledge of commercial and military aerospace expectations, we have the ability to develop long term strategic alliances with OEM Tier 1, and Tier 2 manufacturers. Our long term strategic alliances help our customers to overcome the most demanding engineering, fabrication, and close tolerance subassembly and final aircraft assembly challenges to reduce costs and improve performance.


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