• Complex Drilling Fixtures

    All Brown Aerospace drilling systems are designed to meet the torque, thrust and speed requirements necessary for quality and precision holes

  • Necessary Attention to Detail

    Qualified expertise. Superior product and service.

  • Robotics

    An active participant in the advancement of Robotics.

  • Offline Programming Modules

    Generate the inverse kinematics required to drive the machine locations vectors


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Motion Platform

Our motion platforms are designed to achieve maximum functionality/ease of use while providing a product that requires minimum maintenance and low levels of training.


Integrated Platform

integrated production systems including everything from mechanical, controls, and electrical design to offline programming, on site commissioning, and production assistance.


End Effectors

End Effectors designed for space constraints, coolant delivery, and chip vacuum systems.


Offline Programming

Our integrated systems can receive data directly from CAD systems via offline programming modules.

Brown Aerospace

Brown Aerospace is a supplier of automated devices for the aerospace industry. With a veteran engineering department that includes mechanical, controls, and software personnel, we are experts at producing high precision integrated systems, motion platforms and end effectors used for drilling, countersinking, fastening, and sealant applications. We also specialize in the development of aerospace production and tooling aids.

All Brown Aerospace drilling systems are designed to meet the torque, thrust, and speed requirements necessary for quality, precision holes. Precision diametral tolerances and countersink depths are achieved through sound engineering principles and innovative technology. We provide systems for drill-only, drill-fasten, and sealant application.


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