Complete engineering services, included in our scope of work, will be conducted in a professional timely manner.  Value engineering will take place during the course of the design. The project team will analyze the bid drawings and engineering concepts to ensure the elimination of non-value added items that increase the project cost. Concentration will be focused on:

  • Simplicity: utilizing a standardized design concept with standardized purchased equipment will simplify the requirements for operations, plant maintenance, and reduced spare parts
  • Reliability: designs, which reduce un-necessary maintenance, will ensure that the process equipment will operate within peak efficiency.
  • Cleaning ability: the equipment layout and design will take into account access requirements needed for regular and periodic cleaning.
  • Maintainability:  the equipment layout and design will take into account the access requirements for periodic inspection and maintenance.

These ideas will be discussed with the customer, provided there is an opportunity to maximize the system design, improve operational capability, improve efficiency, improve maintenance and cleaning, and lower capital investment. During the engineering phase, the project team will perform the following:

  • Generate tool packages including drawings, engineering drawings and manufacturing plans
  • Prepare detailed civil, structural, electrical  drawings and specifications for manufacturing
  • Provide sizing and documentation for all mechanical and electrical components to enable proper installation on the field.
  • Develop operating and maintenance manuals, spare parts lists and as built drawings
  • If required, 3D simulation using our standard simulation software including line flow, cycle time, collision detection, in station motions, etc. Simulation requirements and outputs need to be agreed upon between the customer and us.

Design reviews will be conducted at 30%, 60%, and 90% completion dates. All reviews will be “Signed Off” by authorized personnel and the review minutes/notes will be distributed to all parties. The basis for all design reviews will be the statement of work or tool order. On time approval of design will be required to maintain the schedule.  Upon completion of design, the engineering department will submit completed design to program management.

Management of the resources required to complete the engineering will be performed in coordination with the overall project management system. Manpower required to complete individual engineering tasks will be loaded into the program schedule to develop a resource requirements. These requirements will be evaluating for staffing by personnel from AIP Aerospace and augmented by subcontract as necessary or where deemed to be more efficient.


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