Integrated Systems

Brown Aerospace provides integrated production systems including everything from mechanical, controls, and electrical design to offline programming, on site commissioning, and production assistance.

Our integrated systems can receive data directly from CAD systems via offline programming modules, which generate the inverse kinematics required to drive the machine locations and vectors.

System Features:

  • Standard 5-axis machine
  • Improved accuracy with Brown Aerospace control software
  • End-effectors with drilling unit including drill changer
  • Tool coupling for automated end-effector change
  • Automated loading and unloading of the component by the robot
  • Diametric tolerances : +/- 0.0005″
  • Countersink depths: +/- 0.001″

System Advantages:

  • Minimal space requirement (on the shop floor)
  • Integrated NC-controlled and adaptable component fastening system
  • Precise positioning of component and riveting system
  • Fully-automated process – all axes are CNC-controlled
  • High-speed riveting process
  • Offline or teach-in programming


AIP Aerospace 2016