Ascent Integration US Operations:

Ray Kauffmann – Vice President & Program Manager

Mr. Kauffmann joined AIP Aerospace in June, 2013, to develop and lead the new Ascent Integration business unit of the Ascent Integration & Automation. His previous experience includes seven years of aerospace tooling design, estimating, and program management, followed by 21 years in the field of advanced manufacturing and automation. He specialized in advanced vision assisted robot guidance for high speed, precision automotive assembly applications as well as advanced fastening techniques for production applications. He has led groups in business development, design, estimating, program management, and maintenance service operations. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Ascent Integration European Operations:

Herve Grosdemangé – Ascent Integration European Operations Branch Manager

• Aerospace engineer
• Joined Ascent Integration European Operations in 2010 to manage the A320 sharklet program and to develop the business with Airbus UK
• Head of Ascent Integration European Operations since 2012
• Previously, he had worked for Snecma on launcher engines (1988-1995) and for ABB in the automotive assembly line division (1995-2009)

Thierry Peraudeau – Head of Toulouse site & Senior Project Manager 

• Mechanical engineer
• Developed Ascent Integration European Operations out of Toulouse
• Head of the Toulouse site
• Responsible for the FAL A350 program since 2008
• Previously, he had managed several diversification projects for Areva TA (1994-2006)

Damien Séjourné – Senior Project Manager
• Engineer specializing in materials
• Joined Ascent Integration European Operations in 2008
• Manages the pre-FAL A350 program
• Previously, he had been project manager for FCI (Areva’s subsidiary designing connectors) from 1998 to 2008

Stéphane Lacroix – Senior Project Manager

• Engineer specializing in robotics
• Project manager for Ascent Integration European Operations  since 2006
• Responsible for the Central Wing Box A350 and station 15-21 A350
• Also responsible for the tender offer processes
• Joined Areva TA in 1995 as an engineer specializing in processes

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