Machining services for development, prototype and one-off projects

Five-axis machining of all types of materials (Invar alloy, carbon fiber, graphite, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and others), with full CNC programming, is available for development and one-off applications. Ascent’s in-house capabilities are suited, but not limited, to large machining. On-site 5-axis, high-speed machining centers range as large as >900 inches in the X axis, with tight tolerances. Please contact Brian Reed, Irvine Plant Manager, at +1 949 455 0665 x1301 or

A summary of 5-axis machining capability at Coast Composites.

A summary of 5-axis machining capability at Coast Composites.

A core competence

Aerospace machining operations are performed at the company’s 75,000 ft2 (6968 m2) Irvine machining facility where it maintains an extensive range of state-of-the-art, multi-axis CNC manufacturing and support equipment. This facility is dedicated to the machining process and supported by tool engineering, NC programming and inspection capabilities.

Due to the size of tooling that is machined at this facility and the downtime associated with loading and unloading of tools, the company conducts “on-machine probing” to verify finished machined articles prior to moving on to the next operation.

Coast Composites has extensive knowledge of machining techniques for various materials in tooling production. Those most common include Invar, Composite and graphite materials.

The high-speed/high-velocity machining equipment used is some of the largest equipment in the United States dedicated to tooling manufacture.

Coast Composites Machining Capabilities

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