Quality Planning

Ascent Aerospace is committed to world class quality planning and continually improving its effectiveness by:

  • Communicating to the organization the importance of meeting customer expectations, as well as statutory and regulatory requirements,
  • Establishing the quality policy
  • Ensuring quality objectives are established
  • Conducting management reviews
  • Ensuring the availability of resources to guarantee that all quality objectives are met

Virtual Validation

Collaborative engineering teams at Ascent Aerospace are continually bringing the best solutions to our customer’s assembly plants. Before those solutions make it on to the shop floor, concepts are put to the test using the latest simulation techniques and software. Our designers cycle the tooling and systems in a virtual environment prior to build in order to prove out the concepts and ensure that the systems will deliver the performance required on the production floor.

System Run-Off & Prove-Out

Before an assembly system is delivered from our shop, the production assembly process is modeled on our floor to the greatest extent possible. When an Ascent Aerospace automated system is delivered to the production shop floor, our customers will know that the system they are receiving is capable to support the process requirements. Our business has been built on customer satisfaction, and this attention to every detail will be the foundation of further growth for our company.

Quality Certification

Ascent Integration – US Operations, in Macomb Township, Michigan, is certified to the AS9100 REV C and ISO9001:2008 quality management systems. Click here to view the certificate.

Ascent Integration – European Operations, in France, is certified to the AS9100C, JIS Q 9100:2009, and EN 9100:2009 quality standards. Click here to view the certificate. Cliquez ici pour le certificat.

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