Status & Visibility Reporting

Our PMs provide weekly status updates to customers on every program and project. We do this no matter if a family of tools or independent smaller tool packages—you and your team receive the same level of visibility. We provide detail breakdowns in MS Project 2010 files and weekly update photos on the progressive build cycle of your tooling. We recognize the importance of timely status reporting to empower our customers to report upward to their leadership teams and external customers.

Many of our customers prefer weekly status meetings over the phone or using Web conferencing such as WebEx, GoTo Meeting or other platform. This practice works well in a tool design review or in complex tooling packages. Visibility reporting, however, can present challenges for customers located outside the U.S., due to travel or time zones. We overcome these challenges through flexible communication tools that enable our PMs to provide accurate and timely visibility reporting to support any customer requirement.

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