Tool Design

Ascent Engineering provides tool design services with the following focus:

  • – Increased value through collaborative exchange with highly skilled and experienced personnel
  • – On-time delivery
  • – Quality
  • – Optimized DFM approach while not jeopardizing fit, form and function

Ascent Engineering emphasizes a strong customer focused approach through each and every customer exchange. By engaging the customer early in the design development process, our experienced tool design engineers provide valuable input and feedback related to the manufacturing process and tool functionality. This approach ensures the final design is a right sized solution in every circumstance.

By employing the latest design technologies and software platforms, our engineers can ensure that exchange of data is seamless and that design deliverables are received by the customer in the format that meets requirements and exceeds customer expectations. Instant access is made available through collaboration tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting or other similar platforms.

Ascent Engineering has adopted “Concurrent Design and Build” philosophies and procedures as an integral part of our business. Our engineers and designers collaborate very closely with our skilled manufacturing personnel to ensure innovative, producible, cost effective solutions. Stringent processes are in place to ensure that configuration is controlled throughout the concurrent process. This enables our manufacturing teams to compress the delivery of complex projects by starting manufacturing earlier in the design process with less risk.

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